Venom Review

Venom, a movie out in 2018, feels like a movie from another time; that time being about 14 years ago, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Venom, in my opinion, is also not a great character in many ways. An edgy, violent antihero born of the excesses of the comics boom of the 1990s, Venom and … More Venom Review

Diary of a Femen

Protesting, here in the USA, has become noticeably more popular in the past ten years. Americans from all sides have taken to the streets in large numbers and more often that at any other time I can remember, though, to be fair, I am still relatively young. Diary of a Femen, published by Europe Comics, … More Diary of a Femen

Spider-Man Review

Allow me a moment to pontificate about Spider-Man… What makes Spider-Man (Peter Parker) such a great and enduring character, an absolute rockstar comic book character who has always been wildly popular and fun to read, is his deep sense of humanity and his connection to his friends and family. He lives a life of great … More Spider-Man Review

Northgard Review

The thing to remember in Northgard is that the other players, whether they be human or AI controlled, is that the real enemy is not them but rather, yourself. Set in a Nordic land of lush wilds and deadly winters, Northgard is a strategy game in which you guide your chosen Viking clan to victory, … More Northgard Review