Thor: Ragnarok

It should be noted that Thor, his story and his world, are my jam. I love them more than most things that I’ve read or watched over the years; even when I wasn’t really reading comics in my younger years, I was reading Thor comics or following the general story through Wikipedia or chat rooms. … More Thor: Ragnarok

Hollow Knight Review

Set in the ruins of a sprawling, diversely populated but dead empire, Hollow Knight is a 2D action platformer set firmly in the Metroidvania genre with a healthy infusion of some key Dark Souls mechanics. You enter this world of twilight and faded glory as a small, adorable looking bug knight armed with a nail … More Hollow Knight Review

Red Wings Review

Set in a future where humanity has mastered time travel as an aspect of warfare, Red Wing tells the story of Dominic Dorne, a young and inexperienced pilot in over his head who is seeking out his father, legendary pilot Robert Dorne, who was lost in time at some point during an interdimensional, time lost … More Red Wings Review

Mechanicum Review

My fascination and exploration of the Warhammer 40,000 universe continues with Mechanicum, a novel that tells a story set during the Horus Heresy, when the Primarch Horus, second in command of the whole human empire, was corrupted by evil space gods and betrayed the Imperium of Mankind and started a civil war that would cost … More Mechanicum Review

Baby Driver Review

Written and Directed by Edgar Wright, Baby Driver is a fun, kinetic crime film with a winning cast and a wonderful sense of motion and, of course, a great soundtrack. Baby (Ansel Elgort), as he is known to his criminal compatriots, is an otherworldly talented wheel man, employed by Doc (Kevin Spacey) a criminal mastermind … More Baby Driver Review