Hi, my name is Jordan and this blog is a tool to help me achieve three goals. I’ll probably write about other things from time to time but below is what I want to focus on, at least at first.

1. Write more; I’ve always enjoyed writing and this is a good outlet to allow me to write more and to explore new avenues of writing.

2. Track my progress on my 2015 Reading Challenge. You can see my progress and even take part yourself here https://www.goodreads.com/challenges/3082-2015-reading-challenge. 50 books in one year is a lot but I think i can do it or at least come damn close. I’ll post a list soon.

3. Track my progress on my personal movie challenge for the new year. My goal is to watch 52 movies so basically a movie a week. Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll post a list of my likely selections soon.

My first book is the sci-fi classic Foundation by Isaac Asimov and my first movie will be Big Eyes directed by Tim Burton and starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

Thanks for taking an interest!

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