Mr Shifty Review

Mr. Shifty, available on most gaming platforms, is one of those fun, simple games that lives or dies on its gameplay and basically nothing else. The story, if you insist, is perfunctory. Mr. Shifty, a thief that works for some worldwide organization, breaks into an absurdly well defended and manned tower to steal some plutonium, … More Mr Shifty Review

Wonder Woman Review

Before I really get started… it feels good to say up front that Wonder Woman is a pretty great movie on all fronts. Looks great, better than expected story with some nice flourishes, good acting and chemistry between the main characters, a nice sense of humor, distinct feel, it all works really well and you … More Wonder Woman Review

Flinthook Review

There is much to love about Flinthook, a new roguelike platformer that came out about a month ago; superb gameplay, gorgeous retro art style and animation and some of the catchiest music I have heard in a video game in quite some time. That being said, I found myself frustrated with the game in a … More Flinthook Review