Your Name Review

“I feel like I’m always searching for something, someone” is a thought or idea that I’m sure many people have had at one point or another in their life. We all go through times where we feel lost and if we could only find that something or some special person, things would work out, especially … More Your Name Review

Moon Hunters Review

The deep, underpinning connection that Moon Hunters makes between video games and myths is that they are both about repetition. Most video games have a core loop that you repeat over and over again and if it’s a good enough loop, you almost never get tired of it, whether it’s catching Pokémon or leveling up … More Moon Hunters Review

Logan Review

Of all the superhero franchises going these days, the X-Men have consistently been the series of movies that feels like they are most about something, which makes sense because the X-Men comics have always been the book and characters that are most obviously a metaphor. The X-Men are a stand in for every minority you … More Logan Review